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Gratitude & Blessings

Each morning I awake, I count it as a blessing. I find my Self giving thanks more often than I recall before going into "self isolation". It's like my eyes have been opened to the abundant blessing all around me that I took for granted. I give thanks for family. I give thanks for the food in my home, the food that grows. I give thanks for the unseen blessings -- wisdom, knowledge, good health, and compassion.

In self reflecting, I am inspired by my Self. I admittedly have been outrageously hard on my Self in the past. I called it tough love, deep rooted in a belief system that positive results can only be rendered through harsh circumstance. I am in process of transmuting that belief. I cover my Self in compassion by word these days. Don't be mistaken. I still require my Self to take full accountability for my actions and I still abide by standards of the upmost character. I still have to show up and show out in alignment with my goals and tasks.

But now the encouragement comes more often by honey than by fire (though I admit to still having an affinity for fire from time to time). Transformation is a process. One does not awake with newfound mastery of Self and all one's endeavours overnight. It sounds awfully wonderful. But it is an illusion. Transformation of Self requires consistency, persistence and a strong-willed desire to change. One must desire to be the new manifestation of Self far more than the present one. In a way, one must die. One must die to who they are in order to give space for the birthing of who they are becoming.

I am in the becoming. Yet I, too, realize that the becoming is indeed the Becomed. For time is but an illusion. Remove the illusion and one thing becomes true: You are who you THINK you are.


- Boogie

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