Lauren Eylise staked her spot in the music industry with the release of her debut EP Life/Death/Life in September 2017; however, music has been this singer-songwriter's heart and soul for as long as she can remember.

Singing since the tender age of 2 years old, music emerged as an innate form of expression for Lauren. Though never formally educated in music, Lauren’s craft was propelled by her passion and life experiences. 

When the racially hostile culture of her university’s campus left her feeling depressed and alone, songwriting emerged as a form of healing for the songstress. Upon learning of the unplanned conception of her son just months after embarking on her career in New York City, it was her first single “Petals” that healed her despair and sparked her music career. 

Lauren Eylise’s genre-defying music can only be accurately categorized as eclectic-soul, as an array of influences make up her sound while each song is born from lessons of the soul. Her commanding vocals and acoustic stylings exude an indie-folk style with R&B overtones that easily appeal to the energy of Pop music. And when armed with her full band, The Part Time Lovers, the soul singer’s sound fuses funkadelic rock and electric blues. She is unapologetic, autonomously sensual and vulnerable transparent in her music and presence. 

Life/Death/Life, Lauren's 7-track debut EP, showcases her maturity as a vocalist and a composer. With a matter-of-fact candor comparable to Lauryn Hill and the savagery of SZA’s CTRL, the songstress’ message is founded on the belief that each story, no matter how painful or powerful, is born to be told. Lauren seeks to empower women to live unapologetically as their soul dictates through her music.

Though her debut EP Life/Death/Life is young in age, Lauren's resume reflects more than six years of work under her belt. Before the release of Life/Death/Life, Lauren Eylise opened stages for the likes of Train, Matt Kearney, and Raheem Devaughn. Since then, Lauren has opened for Linkin’ Bridge, Tank’s #SavageTour, Pretty Ricky, Lloyd, Erykah Badu, and Patti Labelle. 

Lauren Eylise’s emergent repertoire has drawn streams from her homeland in Cincinnati to New York and internationally in Germany, France, and South Africa. In 2016, she was named Women In Charg3’s Best RnB Artist of the Year and went on to be nominated for several Cincinnati Music Awards including Best Live Act, Best Singer-Songwriter and Best R&B/Funk/Soul Artist. Most recently, Lauren has appeared as frontwoman for P&G's Secret Deodorant #AllStrengthNoSweat campaign. 

2018 was just the cusp of Lauren Eylise’s career. With plans to release her sophomore project by 2019's end, the future holds more healing, more soul and more Lauren Eylise than ever before. 





Lauren Eylise sits down with Kelly Clarkson and Nicole Barsalona, president of Women In Music, to discuss Lauren's journey as a female working within a male-dominated music industry and her partnership with Secret Deodorant

  Lauren Eylise For 

Secret Deodorant

Watch Lauren Eylise as she teams up with Procter & Gamble to showcase how she's all strength and no sweat in their latest Secret Deodorant commercials.


During the 2019 Cincinnati Music Festival, Secret's purpose to embolden and unite women under the theme of #AllStrengthNoSweat lived through a boutique content capture series hosted by Cincinnati-based musician and brand influencer, Lauren Eylise.




Issue 04 | Fall/Winter 2018

"She’s all soul, no fluff. The undertone of her songs is an ode to womanhood and sexuality. Her lyrics embrace the power and sacredness of both—the dips and curves of femininity, the permission to be confident with what it is she wants and needs or might not know just yet."

- Kyle Wolff


Harness Magazine
Lauren Eylise sits down with Harness Magazine to talk Afropunk, women's empowerment, and Peaks & Valleys
Caesar Live N Loud
"Peaks & Valleys is one of those songs that go straight for the heart thanks to her lush vocals and impeccable instrumentation."
City Beat
"Lauren Eylise’s story is one of empowerment, redemption and transformation. It’s one of binding ties to the roots of her craft, and it’s one for which she’s shaping the contemporary narrative of songwriting, Soul and R&B."
CET Public Television
"Lauren Eylise's gift for creating impactful lyrics was born in the school halls of Cincinnati, OH. Recently featured on NPR's Tiny Desk Contest, Lauren's future is looking brighter by the day."
City Beat
"Performed with her full live band, the heart-stirring, goosebump-inducing song was featured on Eylise’s stellar 2017 album, Life / Death / Life."
NPR Tiny Desk
"In her soulful performance of "Come Back To Me," Lauren Eylise shows off a true singer-songwriter gift: the ability to communicate vulnerabilities through music. Her lyrics describe the memories of lost love that play constantly in her mind. From the static of the guitar to the warmth of her voice, Eylise's ballad of unrequited love is abundant in raw emotion."
"Lauren and her art are truly a feeling. You will feel love, healing, truth, vulnerability, and determination in each song and performance."
Cradle Cincinnati
"Since giving birth three years ago, Eylise’s career continues to blossom. In 2017, she released her genre fluid debut EP compilation, Life/Death/Life, which gained international traction on digital music sites."
"Lauren Eylise is all about truth, transparency, and love. Her latest album, Life / Death / Life, is the perfect showcase of her ability to weave storytelling, openness, and unapologetic authenticity with hypnotic vocals over bluesy-R&B-soulful vibes."
Polly Magazine
"Her lyrics embrace the power and sacredness of both—the dips and curves of femininity, the permission to be confident with what it is she wants and needs or might not know just yet."
Cincy Groove
Recently nominated for 3 Cincinnati Entertainment Awards, Lauren Eylise will perform live December 28th at MOTR Pub.
No Long Talking Radio
"Lauren Eylise sits down with No Long Talk Radio, University of Cincinnati’s hottest hip-hop radio show powered by USIC"
College of Woster
"Each moment of her set felt like a valuable piece of life advice and created a place of calm and fun, welcome amidst the end of a long week on campus."
Cincy Music
"I was blown away. She literally took my breath away. It has been a long time since an artist has stopped me in my tracks so quickly."
Women of Cincy
"...it was apparent that Lauren holds a great following of fans and support. Without a doubt, Lauren Eylise's Friday night performance was much more than a show; it was an experience."
Donuts N’ Akahol
"Music just lives internally, I don't remember a day without music. In a way, teaching myself [music] was like learning myself."
91.7 WVXU
"I think it's important to share those stories because we act as mirrors and other people are able to say "I can do that. I see myself in that." .... Hearing other women say "I see myself in you" it's moving."
Lost on the River
"In a time when I feel like so much of what's coming out in music is so formulaic, you're [music] is quite the opposite of that."
"Lauren Eylise is a name that you'll continue to hear more often."
Vision Her Now
“Lauren delivers an authentic sound that resonates with listeners from all over.”
City Beat
“Talented Cincy Soul artist Lauren Eylise (who performed a stunning set at Memorial Hall for the 2017 Cincinnati Entertainment Awards ceremony) ...round out the R&B portion of the CFF lineup.”
Women of Cincy
"I’m a woman; I’m black; I’m a mother; this is what you’re going to get."
WCPO Lounge Acts
"...not only women and R&B fans will find themselves identifying with the themes of "Life/Death/Life." This is an album for us all."
"It's both soothing and full of strength. Her powerful voice, organic guitar melodies, and masterful songwriting drive her music's success and can be found throughout her debut album, Life/Death/Life."
Cincy Wave
"Raw. Healing. Enchanting. Storytelling. These are just some of the characteristics of Lauren Eylise’s music that captures fans from the first listen."
City Beat
"Judging from the jaw-dropped response of the audience, Neo Soul powerhouse Lauren Eylise was the big revelatory moment of the night (she’s definitely one of the top artists to keep an eye on in the Midwest)..."
"...Lauren Eylise does more than show her potential as a singer and songwriter – she comes across as an accomplished artist with a well-established voice & presence who is just waiting patiently for the rest of us to catch up."
"R&B-Soul is something that has been missing from Cincinnati for a while now, but Lauren Eylise has given hope to fill the void."
Out The Box UK
"Rising artist Lauren Eylise on defining womanhood for herself."
Cincy Music
"[Lauren] took the stage...and began methodical slaying of the entire room. I do not want you to wait to experience this music"
Briana Janelle
"Between Lauren Eylise's songwriting ability, vocals and the production of this album, I can honestly say, it's nothing like I've ever heard before."
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