Vents Magazine
"‘​Joyriding​’is an irresistible, romantic track. Across the five minute and 21-second track, Lauren Eylise tells the story of the early stages of love: her voice parallels the soft, warm feel of falling in love at the beginning."
Amor Magazine
"[Lauren Eylise] puts her whole emotion in the project and gives us 12 solid tracks including the track ‘Cry’, which is a story of the battle between your heart and the reality of a situation."
Spindle Magazine
"Lauren Eylise displays her undeniable love for R&B/soul as she showcases her soothing vocals and heartfelt emotions in track ‘​Cry.’ After dropping her project ‘This Is Personal’, Eylise constantly leaves us in awe of her talent."
Vents Magazine
"Lauren Eylise’s sensual, silky vocals feel like a mesmerising dream – she creates a late-night, reflective vibe that is powerful and emotional. The honest, raw track tells the story of the battle between your heart and the reality of a situation."
Shoot Your Shot Podcast
Lauren Eylise sits down for an in-depth reveal and interview about her upcoming album, This is Personal.
The Enquirer
"The recent event that sparked a bump in interest in her music was her entry into NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest. She submitted a video performance of her R&B ballad “Peaks and Valleys."
"NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro spoke to Lauren Eylise about filming her entry video in a Black-owned coffee shop in Cincinnati, learning to love music from her grandfather and the church choir and about what she hopes for her music career in the future."
“To be a part of something as a musician, contributing the same way my idols have – I have no words for it,” Eylise said.
“So I think the only way to lift people — one of the most powerful ways, I should say — is through music.”
NPR Tiny Desk: Top Shelf
"Eylise spoke about the inspiration behind her song "Peaks & Valleys" and how people, especially during these times, can learn to embrace the valleys of life."
NPR Tiny Desk: Heat Check
"With her buttery smooth runs, finger-pointing conviction and a sublime backing band, this song has been stuck in my head from the moment I pressed play."
City Beat
"Cincinnatian Lauren Eylise has landed herself on NPR's Heat Check list featuring Tiny Desk Contest submissions."
The Enquirer
"CVG has partnered with ArtsWave to bring Lauren Eylise, eclectic-soul singer-songwriter, to the lineup. Eylise, a native Cincinnatian, has opened for the likes of Erykah Badu, Patti LaBelle, and Train; she has also been featured on NPR’s “Tiny Desk Concert Contest.”
By Her For Her
Lauren Eylise talks with By Her For Her blog about her experience working with a national campaign, the pandemic, and the local music scene.
The Enquire
"This song is an anthem, almost like a gospel song for black women," Eylise said. "I was intentional about releasing this song on Valentine's Day. I want it to be a gift."
City Beat
"Voodoo (Black Girl Magic)" is emotive, powerful and majestic, with a hearty pulsating beat, anthemic song structure, distorted guitar riffing and heart-swelling melodies."
Harness Magazine
"Lauren Eylise sits down with Harness Magazine to talk Afropunk, women's empowerment, and Peaks & Valleys"
Caesar Live N Loud
"Peaks & Valleys is one of those songs that go straight for the heart thanks to her lush vocals and impeccable instrumentation."
City Beat
"Lauren Eylise’s story is one of empowerment, redemption and transformation. It’s one of binding ties to the roots of her craft, and it’s one for which she’s shaping the contemporary narrative of songwriting, Soul and R&B."
CET Public Television
"Lauren Eylise's gift for creating impactful lyrics was born in the school halls of Cincinnati, OH. Recently featured on NPR's Tiny Desk Contest, Lauren's future is looking brighter by the day."
City Beat
"Performed with her full live band, the heart-stirring, goosebump-inducing song was featured on Eylise’s stellar 2017 album, Life / Death / Life."
NPR Tiny Desk: Artist Discovered
"In her soulful performance of "Come Back To Me," Lauren Eylise shows off a true singer-songwriter gift: the ability to communicate vulnerabilities through music."
"Lauren and her art are truly a feeling. You will feel love, healing, truth, vulnerability, and determination in each song and performance."
Cradle Cincinnati
"Since giving birth three years ago, Eylise’s career continues to blossom. In 2017, she released her genre fluid debut EP compilation, Life/Death/Life, which gained international traction on digital music sites."
"Lauren Eylise is all about truth, transparency, and love. Her latest album, Life / Death / Life, is the perfect showcase of her ability to weave storytelling, openness, and unapologetic authenticity with hypnotic vocals over bluesy-R&B-soulful vibes."
Polly Magazine
"Her lyrics embrace the power and sacredness of both—the dips and curves of femininity, the permission to be confident with what it is she wants and needs or might not know just yet."
Cincy Groove
Recently nominated for 3 Cincinnati Entertainment Awards, Lauren Eylise will perform live December 28th at MOTR Pub.
No Long Talking Radio
"Lauren Eylise sits down with No Long Talk Radio, University of Cincinnati’s hottest hip-hop radio show powered by USIC"
College of Woster
"Each moment of her set felt like a valuable piece of life advice and created a place of calm and fun, welcome amidst the end of a long week on campus."
Cincy Music
"I was blown away. She literally took my breath away. It has been a long time since an artist has stopped me in my tracks so quickly."
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