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In collaboration with Soul Step Records, This Is Personal is now available on vinyl.

Visit the Lauren Eylise merch store now to purchase your signed copy!




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NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro spoke to Lauren Eylise about filming her entry video in a Black-owned coffee shop in Cincinnati, learning to love music from her grandfather and the church choir and about what she hopes for her music career in the future.


Tiny Desk Contest judge Tarik Moody chats with Lauren Eylise about why he chose her entry for "Peaks & Valleys"

Eylise spoke about the inspiration behind her song "Peaks & Valleys" and how people, especially during these times, can learn to embrace the valleys of life. "The flower needs the sunshine and the rain to grow," Eylise said.

- Elle Mannion via NPR Music

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Lauren Eylise sits down with Kelly Clarkson and Nicole Barsalona, president of Women In Music, to discuss Lauren's journey as a female working within a male-dominated music industry and her partnership with Secret Deodorant


Lauren Eylise, "Peaks and Valleys"

This video is the definition of doing the most ... in the best way possible. Lauren Eylise's "Peaks and Valleys" takes your emotions to unexpected highs and lows throughout the five-minute journey. With her buttery smooth runs, finger-pointing conviction and a sublime backing band, this song has been stuck in my head from the moment I pressed play.

- Sidney Madden via NPR Music