Lauren Eylise sits down with Kelly Clarkson and Nicole Barsalona, president of Women In Music, to discuss Lauren's journey as a female working within a male-dominated music industry and her partnership with Secret Deodorant

  Lauren Eylise For 

Secret Deodorant

Watch Lauren Eylise as she teams up with Procter & Gamble to showcase how she's all strength and no sweat in their latest Secret Deodorant commercials.


Harness Magazine
Lauren Eylise sits down with Harness to talk Afropunk, women's empowerment, and Peaks & Valleys.
Caesar Live N Loud
"Peaks & Valleys is one of those songs that go straight for the heart thanks to her lush vocals and impeccable instrumentation."
City Beat
"Lauren Eylise’s story is one of empowerment, redemption and transformation. It’s one of binding ties to the roots of her craft, and it’s one for which she’s shaping the contemporary narrative of songwriting, Soul and R&B."
NPR Tiny Desk
In her soulful performance of "Come Back To Me," Lauren Eylise shows off a true singer-songwriter gift: the ability to communicate vulnerabilities through music."


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