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There's No Place Her Pen Won't Go

I released my last project December 4th, 2020. I went on to push that project in a variety of creative ways for the next couple of years. Not unlike a great deal of artists we all love and respect, I am never in a hurry to release new music. I take my time. I live my life. And when the time comes, it comes. Now as I continue to perform, I'm consistently asked about when I'll be sharing new music. I don't have the answer to that question.

However, I did take time to answer a series of other questions in an interview style conversation with my sister Ashlyn, an incredible actress and all-around bad ass. Enjoy. And I'll be seeing ya'll soon. Smooches. -- L

ASHLYN: We're officially half way through 2023, which is fucking crazy! How's the year been?

LAUREN EYLISE: This year's been...something. I feel like I'm going through a lot of lessons, feelings, new opportunities -- I don't know a charcuterie, if you will, of so many experiences and things. Things have kinda been non-stop and lately I've been taking time to really soak it in, reflect, and be in the living of it all. Which comes with a lot of shadow work, processing, taking accountability, pivoting. It comes with a lot. So in short, 2023 has been full of life thus far and beautifully so, filled with inspiration and a blank canvas to sort of lay all of these flavors upon. If that makes sense! I feel like I'm speaking very abstractly but hopefully you're picking up what I'm putting down.

ASHLYN: Nah, I'm picking it up. That's crazy. Are you writing music about this shit?

LAUREN EYLISE: Ha! You're funny as hell. But yes. I am writing music about this shit. All of this shit. This shit, that shit, good shit, bad shit. All of it. Some of it has been fire and will definitely be built upon and shared. Some of what I've written has come out shitty as hell and no one else will ever hear it. And that's okay. That's more than okay for me. Because music has always first and foremost been MY release, for MY healing, and for MY life. If people love it, great. If I make a bop, even better. But it's primarily for me to navigate my emotions and experiences. So to answer your question, yes. I'm making a lot of music inspired by this shit.

ASHLYN: So when you write songs about this shit, how do you go about it? Do you like, "method act it"? Do you revisit all the shitty memories in your brain? Like a warped montage? Or is it like, "Oh! I'm over it! Let me write about it!?"

LAUREN EYLISE: That's a great question. It varies and has changed throughout my life. But if we're speaking specifically to this time period and where I am now, I am presently writing my way through a lot of shit. Now, for some of these songs I've used melodies or lyrics from songs I started years ago or months ago but I'm re-working them or re-living them for the now. Because I've found myself back in some similar situations that I thought I'd elevated from so the content has been relevant. Like an unfinished chapter finally finding it's conclusion. But at this very point in life, I am truly writing my way through it all and while it's intense, it's wildly therapeutic.

ASHLYN: Is there something that you can't write about? Are there songs you're just like, "I can't write this right now." For me, there are things that I can't act -- whether it's just for now or forever, I can't take on certain roles. Are there things you're just like, "Yeah I can't touch on that right now because I don't know where that pen might go".

LAUREN EYLISE: I think that's a very dope way to ask that question. I might steal that for lyrics.

ASHLYN: Yeah, go for it! It's all yours!

LAUREN EYLISE: But to answer your question, no.

Music and I have no boundaries. It's a very

intensely intimate space for me, the only place where I can be 100 percent vulnerable, honest, transparent. In fact I have to be that with music or I can't show up in life as my highest vibrational Self. When I'm not honest and vulnerable in music, when I don't allow my pen to go to those places as you put it, I stifle a part of me and I harden. I fight, I'm irritable. I'm shackled. I'm not my freest Self. So I'd rather break and crumble in that space so that I can show up other places strong and anew and put together. But that's also why there are some songs that folks will hear and some that folks will NEVER hear. Some shit is too heavy for me to perform over and over, or too heavy to even record or sing more than once, but I don't restrict my pen from going there. It's in those places my pen sets me free.

ASHLYN: So where is your pen right now? What era is this for you? Is this your villain era? Your lover era?

LAUREN EYLISE: That's yet to be determined. I know that this era is very honest. This era is pretty pissed the fuck off with a lot to release. She's talking a lot of shit. She's also passionate and still open to love and life and she refuses to be made bitter or hard. I wouldn't quite call her a villain. Nor would I call her heartbroken or jaded. Nor is she healed and happy. She's navigating the peaks & valleys of her shadow to get to her new most elevated Self. So if I had to call this era anything right now, I'd call it The Girl Interrupted Era. Like I was on my way on this love and light shit, I got severely interrupted on my journey but it's just a detour. Like I missed something important and The Universe had to interrupt to redirect, make sure i got the good stuff before I passed go. If that makes sense.

ASHLYN: It did! Like a GPS reroute. Like you were going the wrong way.

LAUREN EYLISE: It doesn't even feel like I was going the wrong way. I feel the direction still feels the same. But I wasn't adequately equipped for the journey. I was shot off into this great direction but I pulled out the garage without a very important bag. And I had to turn around. But I can still make my way back, get what I need and come back even better and stronger. I can return better equipped.

ASHLYN: I feel you. Find your way back...big big world but....


ASHLYN: So right now would you say you're writing ON the journey or are you writing THE journey?

LAUREN EYLISE: It's a combination of both. What emerges will be what it will be.

ASHLYN: Like Bilbo Baggins, you are.

LAUREN EYLISE: I guess so my nigga, I guess so. Call me Bil-LO Baggins

ASHLYN: Alright so, what's next then?

LAUREN EYLISE: Well, if you mean by way of music and releases and all that jazz, we'll see. I'm actively writing, I'm actively recording. I'm exploring new sounds, styles, ideas and collaborations. I'm also actively performing just to stay on my toes and it's what I love so that's that. But beyond, it's my hope, prayer and intention that what's next for me comes with joy, love, healing, adventure, ease, growth and beautiful music to aid others. That's it. I just wanna live a beautiful life in beautiful love making beautiful music.

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